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Wings Academy Testimonials

Since 2004, Angels Reach has proven to be a leader in innovative, effective and compassionate service for children and young adults with a wide range of functioning abilities. Our best testimonials are our children and young adults themselves, but we are happy to share a few of the many, many success stories to help inspire other families who seek for evidence that "all things are possible."

I have volunteered for the school and the foundation and have gotten to experience first-hand Dorinda’s tireless dedication and love for the program and our children. I also wanted to highlight that as a result of the services offered by Angels Reach and especially their innovative therapy approaches, my daughter and many other children have made incredible strides in the development of their their cognitive, physical, social and communication skills which have resulted in very improved quality of life for both our children as well as our families. During the years I volunteered at Angels Reach, I was really impressed by how Dorinda would always find ways to assist each and every parent and child that approached the center with advice, funding, therapies and more importantly hope that our children would be successful individuals that would eventually integrate into society. Dorinda is a trusted advisor to many families and her center always provides knowledgeable therapists and training opportunities to help the families have full participation on the children’s plan of care. If you have a child with a developmental delay, this is the place to go!


The services the center provides are invaluable to my family. We have seen such progress in my son’s condition as a direct result of the therapies provided by Angel’s Reach Foundation. Dory Luzardo is a consummate professional. She provides oversight of the program and is very hands-on with the therapists, parents and children. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of autism and autism therapies and has put together a very thorough and professional team of highly qualified therapists to implement and administer the therapies tailored specifically to each child. The center provides very helpful workshops for parents and individuals interested in learning more about autism therapies. Dory Luzardo is constantly researching methods of administering therapies that are clinically proven to improve the lives of individuals with autism. She goes out of her way to impart her knowledge of autism to parents so that they can make well inform decisions in regards to their child’s care. Over the course of the last three years, I have seen my son transform from a non-verbal and difficult to stimulate child to a child that is currently thriving in school and becoming a more social individual. I truly believe that these strides are a direct result of his therapies with Angel’s Reach Foundation.


Just when I thought there was nothing else that I could try, nothing that would help bring my daughter back to who I knew she could be, I had the extraordinary opportunity to work with Angels Reach. My daughter today is sitting in a regular education classroom with no additional help necessary. She is on grade level or above, makes friends, and can carry on conversations like any other child. This would not have been possible if Dory and the amazingly dedicated Angels Reach staff hadn’t spent countless hours working with her and with me – lovingly teaching her and patiently guiding me with therapy training, biomedical and nutritional resources, academic support, and just simple compassion and hope. It hasn’t been easy, but Angels Reach pushes us to expect the best out of our children and supports our family when we don’t know how we can keep on. The Angels Reach team holds very high expectations for success and they make sure that families work as part of the team. This is truly a place where hope becomes reality.


My son started here four years ago when he was two years old.  He was non-verbal and did not socailize.  He now has the ability to communicate, socialize, make eye contact, has friends and more importantly he is happy and thriving.  I envision my son graduating from Angels Reach Academy, ready for his next adventure, in college, and living and independent and fulfilling life.

Mayrely Fernandez

My child joined Angels Reach Academy in 2014 when he was in the 1st grade.  Since then, he has achieved many things like being back on his learning level.  Angels Reach has also helped him reach his paths mostly in reading. Also his behavior has improved very much. Our goal is for our son to be the most independent the he can be in every way possible.  Why not college?!!?!!!

Zulay Ferrer

To whom it may concern,
Words can never begin to express the genuine gratitude my heart feels for Dory Luzardo and Angel's Reach Development!!  I was referred to them when my son received a diagnosis of autism at the age of 2 1/2.  They loved him, encouraged him, and pushed him, all while educating me as to how I could continue his progress from home.  He was provided ABA, speech therapy, occupational therapy, as well as strong educational components, all while being showered with love!  My son no longer fit the criteria to maintain a label of autism by the age of 4 and is now indistinguishable from his peers.  In fact, he is a gifted student and talented athlete. I would highly recommend this school and would be happy to make myself available as a referral or to answer any questions about my son's positive experience at Angel's Reach.
With sincere appreciation,

Wanda Glemaud

“Angels Reach Foundation is an amazing place for children with special needs.  Their staff is comprised of genuinely dedicated people who know how to implement the best therapeutic strategies and it’s evident through their actions of warmth and patience with all the children of different ages. They love being part of these children’s lives.  This foundation is changing families of children with special needs one step at a time, but a most definite change.  It is giving us the hope necessary to accept the challenges faced, as well as, the successes on a daily basis.  My family has been blessed to receive love and support from each staff member; they are like no other … They are true ANGELS!


The people who works with Dory at Angel’s Reach are qualified and caring professionals.  They helped my daughter with such love and affection.  Crystal used to love to go to Angel’s Reach, she felt their love and compassion.  She thought it was her second home.  We quickly began to notice great improvements in Crystal, in the areas of socialization, verbal communication, behavior and academics.  I highly recommend Dory and Angel’s Reach to those parents with special needs children, who are in need of honest guidance and therapy needs.


This is the best decision we have made with respect to our son’s future. In a short period of time,  we began to see significant improvement in our son. Our son has been receiving therapy from Angels Reach Foundation for almost 2 years now, and we are very satisfied with the result. Dory and her staff at Angels Reach have in this short period of time helped our son achieve great gains in his development. His language and communication skills have improved dramatically. His sensory issues are much more attenuated. He is a much more focused and functional child. Through the correct and balanced application of a variety of disciplines, Angels Reach has been able to effectively target our son’s deficit areas and help him overcome many obstacles.  Dory and her staff are very professional, knowledgeable, reliable, concerned and empathetic.

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