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Angels Reach Academy

Angels Reach Academy is a unique non-profit, private school dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of academic success for a diverse student population within a complex and forward-moving environment. Beginning with its roots in 2004, and establishing the first integrated clinical education program in our community, Angels Reach Academy is uniquely recognized for its innovation and integrity.

Recognizing the need to develop leaders who act as global change agents with skill and compassion, the proprietary Angels Reach Ambassadors’ Program uniquely inspires our students beyond educational excellence and develops proactive humanity and personal achievement.

Angels Reach academic programs are especially successful in supporting children who may not have demonstrated their full potentials yet, or who are simply having a difficult time succeeding in traditional classrooms, and empowerring them with an understanding of their capabiities for Compassionate Leadership. Our students grow to understand that they all have the ability to impact another's life for the better as they become proactive civic leaders both in our local communities as well as with youth in distant communities. Our values of "Excellence, Integrity, Compassion, Dedication, Determination, and Respect" are reinforced not only in our professional staff, but in all our children as well, so that all may experience the joy and satisfaction of being a change agent in our community.

Angels Reach Academy Mission

Our Mission

Angels Reach Academy is committed to fostering educational excellence and compassionate leadership by facilitating students in their discovery of their full potential.

Every child is capable of demonstrating extraordinary advances. It is our mission to instill a passion for learning and compassion for others as we quide our students into becoming global citizens who are capable of growing into change agents who herald in communities where citizens value human dignity, education, arts, and diversity. Our students are inspired to achieve their higher purpose and become self-aware individuals who add light, hope, and strength to their fellow man.

Angels Reach Academy Values

Our Values

  • We believe that a great education begins by meeting a child where he is, and inspiring him to appreciate all he can grow to be.
  • We believe that creativity, self-awareness, self-confidence, effective communication, empathy, and valuing the strength in team collaboration can drive personal and joint achievement to the highest potentials.
  • We believe that to achieve greatly, each child must be respected and supported as a whole, including attention to developing a healthy body, mind, spirit, and heart.
  • We believe that as creativity and logic integrate within every field of study, new perspectives and possibilities are envisioned, and that dedication, perseverance and collaboration can bring those visions into reality.
  • We believe that “all things are possible,” and that as we master our thoughts we shape our actions and therefore our realities. So we focus on gratitude and possibilities, and expect great things to come from every experience.

The Guardians Difference

What distinguishes Angels Reach Academy from other schools? 

  • Our unique and comprehensive programming backed by research-based interventions that foster individualized support, taking each child’s education to the next level.
  • Certified educators who commit to completing additional intensive training required of all Angels Reach educational team members and which incorporates clinically based techniques proven to enhance education.
  • Highly qualified leadership including Masters level directors and specialists with decades of experience in Gifted Education, Curriculum Development and Educational Leadership.
  • Behavior Analysis, Special Education and Leadership Development experts integrating their skills seamlessly within every program. Extraordinary ratio of professionals to students, offering an average of one highly trained team member for every two students.
  • Wide range of areas for student development, including journalism, student entrepreneurship, fine arts, theater, community service learning and virtual school.
Angels Reach Academy Donation

Be an angel

With the support of individuals and corporations, Angels Reach has the ability to touch the hearts and change the lives of the children who study in our School. It is with great pride that we acknowledge and thank our donors and sponsors for their acts of kindness and generous support.